CD: Embracing Peace

Guided Meditations for Joy and Tranquilty

The CD is a journey that begins with helping you to slow down your thoughts, moving into developing peace, silence, joy and living in the “Jewelled Palace of Your Heart”. The CD has ten tracks, seven guided meditations and three chants.

The meditations focus on qualities of healing and well-being. Some of the titles are: “Embracing Peace”, “At the Centre there is Silence”, “The Heart of Compassion”, “The Jewelled Palace of the Heart”.

Who is this CD for?

  • For those wishing to learn to relax
  • For those who do yoga and meditation/yoga students
  • For those wishing to improve their self-esteem, to be more centred, to be more joyful
  • For alternative health care practitioners: massage therapists, psychotherapists, bodyworkers
  • For stressed professionals and urban dwellers


Here are two samples from Embracing Peace.

Click on the sample to hear it in your browser, or right-click on the sample to save it to your computer.

Track 1 - Thoughts on the River: For letting your mind become quiet and peaceful.

Track 5 - The Heart of Compassion: For developing compassion for self and others.


“I just listened to your CD during my meditation and was blown away by it. Your voice, the poetry of the repetitions, the sounds, the images all of which put me in a trance! A perfect gift for friends on the journey. As a seminar leader I would highly recommend this for workshops and classes.” Janine Kinch, Workshop Leader and Artist, Toronto
“The voice is very soothing and it helps my meditation. I plan to use this with clients in my psychology practice”. Dr. Dorothea Gaither, Clinical Psychologist, Toronto
“I listen to your CD with my 10 year old daughter and it helps both of us relax and ready for sleep at night”. Mother of 10 year old client

To order CD, please email for further information on ordering. Cost is $20 + $5 shipping.