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Clinical Applications of Mindfulness (Part 1)

Sunday, April 4, 2010 12:00 am

This seminar is geared towards mental health professionals, teachers, consultant and those who would like to learn how to apply mindfulness to their clinical work. We will focus on learning mindfulness meditation and its specific applications to clinical practice. Mindfulness enhances therapist well-being as well as improves therapeutic engagement and outcomes.Topics addressed include:

  • Mindfulness meditation, personal practice and therapist self-care
  • Deepening therapeutic connection and presence through mindfulness
  • Mindfulness approaches to stress management, diminishing anxiety, symptoms of depression
  • Mindfulness meditation and emotional regulation
  • Learning practices of self-compassion and self-acceptance as a way to overcome self-criticism and negative thinking
  • Applications to a variety of clinical situations
  • Mindfulness and spiritual approaches in counselling

We will incorporate Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, as well as approaches from Buddhist and Yoga Psychology. Ana Bodnar’s CD: “ Guided Meditations for Joy and Tranquility” will also be used. Mindfulness for Therapists Study Group